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To Stombol with love

As I sat by the fire in Tube 'n Axe,
Big boss Marius told me the facts,
He said there was a growing need
I heard him out and then agreed.
Over a drink I decided to stay
And soon the place took my breath away.

The first day I went to the school,
The headmaster tricked me... he's no fool!
He said he must go to a meeting,
My fear was great, albeit fleeting.
I took maths class, my first class ever,
Boy oh boy that Meshaka's clever!

The smiling children in their seats,
The sweetest souls you'll ever meet,
Sure they're naughty, even bold,
But inside are hearts of gold.
And so he tricked me into spending,
My best year so far, others pending!

So if you think of coming here,
I warn you you must come with fear,
Not of township dangers told,
But of the fact resolves soon fold...
That flight you booked will be suspended
At least until your visa's ended!!!!

To Stombol with love... Neasa

Volunteer Story:
Naomi Smallman

"Being a teacher I was confident planning lessons but it was a challenge for me not to be able to rely on the many resources we have in English schools. There was only one computer in the school, few textbooks and limited photocopying facilities. I had to take into account the fact that paper was expensive, and there wasn’t much maths equipment available..."

Naomi is a 24 year old teacher from England who volunteered in Storms River for 2 weeks. Read more about her experience.

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